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Branding Architecture

9ja Cosmos

Organic saturation of Nigeria with a plethora of Web3/Blockchain Services and Products over time. The Alpha brand of the branding stable.

Afri Cosmos

A 'Best of Breed' bouquet of 9ja Cosmos successes scaled across Africa.


Global scaling of the Web3 ccTLD (Country Top Level Domain) services like 9jacom and 9javerse. Diversifying beyond the ICANN downstream DNS solution achieved partnering EnCirca - Optimism and Solana being explored as SLD solutions on top of the Handshake (Bitcoin modelled) Blockchain core.

The Sino Amazons and their Sinosignias.

This is a product based around 'notional' female sea pirates named 'Sino Amazons' .

Sino Amazons are deemed to have roamed the East Asia seas between about 1100 and 1700 AD. The Sinosignia is a unique character with an Asian appearance but is not a letter or a word. Each Sino Amazon has one unique to them, which they use as an identity in bonds and oaths.

.The product comprises the Sinosignia which functions as a fully working Web3 Top Level Domain (TLD) off the Handshake Blockchain. It also provides an 'NFT type' digital image tokenized to a completely different chain.

Sino Amazon #014


Sino Amazon #023


Sino Amazon #037


Sino Amazon #031


Sino Amazon #036

Edit of jap-rwan 3


                              The marriage of artwork and TLD offers unprecedented utility                                  as yet not seen in an 'NFT like' product.

The completely different blockchain coding of each part, means they can't reside in the same wallet and enforces unbreakable security

This is a premium luxury product and is taking 'presale' offers by visiting johnmckeown.eu  and filling the contact page. 

You can also connect to the founder on LinkedIn and send him a message.                             See 'Founders Links' in the footer.

The full story and narrative will be released on its own website - sinosignia.com in the future.


Sinosignias II

Sinosignias II will see the introduction of a Chinese Astrology Theme

Sinosignia II theme


The Omega Generation of Web

This is a product based around the notion that a final iteration of web can be produced with an infinite evolution cycle so that there will be no need for additional numerical releases of web. 

XthWeb is deemed to be an unspecified number of iterations ahead of whatever is being commercially marketed as the current iteration of web. Therefore the instant a web technology is released with a specific iteration, it is instantly legacy.

XthWeb is, and will always be built directly on a PoW Blockchain Solution until such time there is an enabling technology even more decentralized at the core.